Yep, A Great and Affordable Website is Really This Simple

Once your’re a Christian CMS customer, things get easy quickly. We consult with you up front to understand your needs and take you through each step in the design and publishing process to be sure you end up with a website that looks great and functions perfectly. We promise, we make it simple for you.

Choose Your Design Package

Choose to work with your designer from the ground up for complete creative control on a Custom Website Design or speed up the process and save money by choosing one of our Jumpstart Designs and customizing the appearance to your liking. Either option includes an up front conversation to map out the final design in detail.
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Choose Your CMS Plan

Pay only for what you need, we have three easy to understand levels to our CMS platform. CMS Basic for basic page management, CMS Advanced with advanced tools (including online commerce), and CMS Media with all the tools plus additional media services for podcasting, sermons and media playing. Pick the plan with the tools you need and have them set up, configured, and ready to use.
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Collaborate With Real People - Our Staff

Work with your project manager and designer through an initial consultation, design concepts and revision process to perfect the aesthetics of your website. Then have our production staff publish your approved design and configure your CMS tools. Take a final pass to make sure everything was done perfectly and you’re ready to launch!


Customize & Launch Your New Site

After your final approval, your site is ready to use. If you’re publishing your content yourself this is the time to add your text and images to your pages. If you’ve trusted this task to our staff with additional page layout services, that process will already be done. Just point your domain to our servers and you’re live!
Process Step5

vers and you’re live!
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